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Best Phuket Attraction - The Phuket Fantasea Park

Best Attractions, Published on 7 September 2015, Monday

Phuket Fantasea Park is a top rated Phuket attraction, which is the first of its kind, stunning theme park in Thailand. It covers 60 acres of area and has a huge stage for showing pure Thai cultural plays, huge restaurant for dining and many other sources of entertainment and eateries. The cultural shows take the central point of attraction where the most modern technology is applied to create amazing special effects to enliven the stage shows. Phuket Fantasea Park is a great place to visit and having fun with all family members. The best Phuket attraction - The Phuket Fantasea Park, is located on Karon beach, which is just 9 Km from the famous Patong beach and 23 km from the airport.

Activities in Fantasea Park:

Here is the list of all the activities available for ultimate entertainment of visitors:

 Theatrical shows with special effects

Facilities available:

The visitors of the best Phuket attraction- the Phuket Fantasea Park , can avail the following facilities:

There are many other facilities in this top rated Phuket attraction .

The fun-full Phuket Fantasea Park is amusing and entertaining thousands of tourists, local and international, each day. This is why people just love to visit it repeatedly.

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