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Eco tours in Phuket - Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

Sightseeing Itineraries, Published on 7 September 2015, Monday

Among many other attractions, Phuket eco tours are also very popular among international tourists which come to visit Phuket. As a part of Eco tours in Phuket- Gibbon Rehabilitation Project has become very popular in the world. Tourists, who like wildlife, inevitably come to see Gibbons conserved and cared at this rehabilitation centre. This Gibbon Rehabilitation Project is located near Bang Pae Waterfall at old tropical forest in Phuket.

Purpose of Gibbon Rehabilitation Project:

Gibbons are in danger now. The white Gibbons were once very common in the forests of Thailand. Their cute looks, and activities attract people who pet them at home. But due to continuous poaching and unauthorized trapping, this rare animal is almost extinguished from the forests in Thailand. Hunters capture these animals to sell them as pets or to the touts who earn by exhibiting them in crowded tourist spots in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand. This illegal activity has decreased the number of Gibbons, which is severely hampering the ecosystem of the forests also. Members of Gibbon Rehabilitation Project are engaged in collecting these seized little animals and conserving them in the rehabilitation centre in a healthy environment. Later, when these tiny creatures grow adult, they are released in the forest to lead their own lives.

Visiting Gibbon Rehabilitation Project:

Amidst the beautiful tropical forest at Phuket, this well managed project for conserving Gibbons has become a part of Phuket Eco tours. Tourists are always welcomed here to see and observe these animals from distance. The way members of this project take care of this rapidly extinguishing animal species is really a thing to admire.

Among different Eco Tours in Phuket- Gibbon Rehabilitation Project always offers a great experience for tourists and wildlife lovers.

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