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Must see in Phuket - Koh Panyee Village

Must See, Published on 7 September 2015, Monday

Koh Panyee Village is one of the famous scenic Phuket things you must see while you are in Thailand. Koh Panyee village, a spectacular small village on the southern part of Andaman Sea, is a residence of a few Muslim families whose main profession was fishing until recently. During the past few years, the village has become a popular destination of international tourists who visit the village to experience the lifestyle of native fishing families and also to get a taste of natural beauty of the great Andaman Sea. The entire village is built on the stilts placed above the water and closely attached with rocks crusts protruding out of water. Reaching to the must see in Phuket- Koh Panyee Village is not a tough job. There are plenty of tour agents in Phuket who arrange a day-long tour to the village. Starting by bus, you need to catch the boat going to the village. Again, there are many other tourists who prefer to go alone and stay overnight at Koh Panyee.

Attractions in Koh Panyee:

The must see in Phuket- Koh Panyee Village is a residence of almost 300 Muslim families and 1500 people. People here primarily depend on fishing, however, recently tourism industry has given the residents another way of earning their livelihood. There’re a number of huge limestone cliffs, which look greenish and attractive from the distance. A few restaurants, souvenir shops and a hotel to stay overnight are parts of this apparently calm and easy-going village on Andaman Sea. Meeting local population, their homes and having a taste of their lifestyle must be in your itinerary in Koh Panyee.

Among different phuket things you must see, Koh Panyee should be on the top of your list. The natural beauty, simple lifestyle of hard-working villagers and stunning views of the Andaman Sea are sure to remain in your memory for ever.

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