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Places of Interest in Phuket - Similan Islands

Places of Interest, Published on 7 September 2015, Monday

Almost 85 Kms from the Phuket’s Patong beach, situated is one of the most spectacular beaches in Phuket, Thailand called as Similan Islands. Similan Island is one of the most interesting places to visit in Phuket . In local language “Similan” means Nine. There are nine small islands together named as Similan Islands. These nine islands are Ko Bon, Ko Similan, Ko Payan, Ko Payu, Ko Miang (two islands), Ko Payang, Ko Bayu and Ko Huyong.

Some distinctive features:

Among the places of interest in Phuket- Similan Island has always remained a popular destination for bea....

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Best Phuket Attraction - The Phuket Fantasea Park

Best Attractions, Published on 7 September 2015, Monday

Phuket Fantasea Park is a top rated Phuket attraction, which is the first of its kind, stunning theme park in Thailand. It covers 60 acres of area and has a huge stage for showing pure Thai cultural plays, huge restaurant for dining and many other sources of entertainment and eateries. The cultural shows take the central point of attraction where the most modern technology is applied to create amazing special effects to enliven the stage shows. Phuket Fantasea Park is a great place to visit and having fun with all family members. The best Phuket attraction - The Phuket Fantasea Pa....

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Must do in Phuket - Simon Cabaret

Must Do , Published on 7 September 2015, Monday

Tourists, who visit Phuket never miss the most famous Simon Cabaret. This must do in Phuket- Simon Cabaret, features wonderful performances by the world renowned “Ladyboys” which attract thousands of visitors coming from different parts of the world. It’s really a different experience for the spectators where males dressed in women attire perform like females, and not for a single moment do the spectators feel otherwise. The specially trained crew of “Ladyboys” leaves thousands of audiences spellbound. Simon cabaret is jam-packed each day that too in each show. Hence, this ....

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Must see in Phuket - Koh Panyee Village

Must See, Published on 7 September 2015, Monday

Koh Panyee Village is one of the famous scenic Phuket things you must see while you are in Thailand. Koh Panyee village, a spectacular small village on the southern part of Andaman Sea, is a residence of a few Muslim families whose main profession was fishing until recently. During the past few years, the village has become a popular destination of international tourists who visit the village to experience the lifestyle of native fishing families and also to get a taste of natural beauty of the great Andaman Sea. The entire village is built on the stilts placed above the water and cl....

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Interesting Phuket Attractions - Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

Interesting Attractions, Published on 7 September 2015, Monday

Among top Phuket attractions, Chalong Bay Rum Distillery is something different and distinguishable from the rest. Visiting the distillery site gives the visitor an all-new experience of the entire production process of wine, and a workshop on cocktail sampling. Very few wine distilleries in the world allow outsiders to get a hands-on experience on rum production and bottling. So, while in Phuket, it’s really a good decision to keep in the itinerary of Interesting Phuket attractions- Chalong Bay Rum Distillery.

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